Why Get Certified

Negotiation is a complex process, which goes beyond just numbers, details and data collection. A skilled negotiator deals with various aspects, from running in-depth analyses of issues to determining how to deal with a specific party.This course gives you insights into the process of negotiation, and the best practices you should adopt to be a skilled negotiator. If you are looking for roles that involve negotiation, or want to sharpen your negotiation skills, or simply want to showcase your specialized expertise to employers, this certification is meant for you.

NGstudy Certifications

NGstudy Certified Negotiation Associate(NCN-A)

Entry-level certification that provides and tests basics knowledge of Negotiation

NGstudy Certified Negotiation Professional(NCN-P)

Become familiar with the various tools and techniques of single-issue negotiation

NGstudy Certified Negotiation Specialist(NCN-S)

Become familiar with single-issue and multi-issue negotiation concepts

NGstudy Certified Negotiation Expert(NCN-E)

Achieve comprehensive understanding of tools and techniques of single-issue and multi-issue negotiation