Purpose of NBOK

The NBOK™ Guide was developed as a necessary guide for individuals and organizations to understand and effectively practice negotiation. The NBOK™ Guide can be used by anyone wanting to gain knowledge of the basic principles of negotiation as well as those who want to improve their existing negotiation skills. The NBOK™ Guide describes negotiation in terms of aspects and processes. The Aspects of Negotiation are the seven main facets that help you understand negotiation in principle. They are the fundamental features that must be understood in order to relate and compare the different forms of negotiation. The processes described in the NBOK™ Guide offer a systematic approach to negotiation that helps you achieve your preferred outcomes.

The NBOK™ Guide is especially valuable:
  • To create a common understanding of important terms and concepts used in negotiation
  • To understand the most common factors that influence effective negotiation
  • To share the best practices of negotiation with participants
  • To improve organizational capability to effectively negotiate with outside parties
  • To provide a comprehensive framework for conducting successful negotiations
  • As a guide for organizations and individuals who want to improve their negotiation skills
  • As a guide for individuals who have no prior experience or theoretical knowledge of negotiation, but want to learn
The content of the NBOK™ Guide is also helpful for individuals preparing to take the NGstudy certification exams.