Six reasons for choosing NGstudy

  • Global Accreditation Body for Negotiation Certifications
  • Largest Network of Authorized Training Partners( A.T.Ps)
  • Our courses are comprehensive learning programs with high quality videos, real life case studies, study guides, flashcards,chapter tests, role plays, and more
  • NGstudy combines modern technology with innovative methods of course delivery to simplify Negotiation concepts.We provide flexible learning through online, mobile and physical classes
  • Based on a comprehensive guide—A Guide to the Negotiation Body of Knowledge (NBOK™ Guide)
  • Our courses are designed by experts in negotiation and impart the distilled experience of dozens of professionals who have excelled in their profession.

Why NGstudy

Why Learn Negotiation

Negotiation occurs in every facet of life. You negotiate all the time, be it in your personal or professional life. It could be a simple negotiation, such as getting your kids to do what you want, buying a gift for your spouse, talking with your travel agent, etc.

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Basics of Negotiation in 5 minutes

According to the NBOK™ Guide, negotiation is the process of discussion between two or more individuals or groups, where one individual or group seeks to gain something from the other individual or groups, and vice versa.

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Negotiation Aspects

They are the fundamental features that must be understood in order to relate and compare the different forms of negotiation. The Aspects of Negotiation are the foundation of the associated processes and can be applied to any type of negotiation.

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Negotiation Processes

Negotiation processes describe the specific activities and flow of a typical negotiation process. There are eight processes presented in the the NBOK™ Guide. While the first four processes deal with single-issue negotiations, the next four processes cover multiple-issue negotiations, which are more complex.

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