Basics of Negotiation in 5 minutes

According to the NBOK™ Guide, negotiation is the process of discussion between two or more individuals or groups, where one individual or group seeks to gain something from the other individual or groups, and vice versa. Negotiation is a common skill used by individuals, businesses, and governments all the time as they communicate with others—and it is a skill that can be improved over time.

Negotiation can take place in various situations and forms, but the concepts of negotiation as defined in the NBOK™ Guide are valid for any negotiation and can be customized to any business or personal negotiation for either an individual or organization in any country. The simplest form of negotiation is a two-party negotiation over a single issue. However, a negotiation may involve more than two parties and multiple issues, and may be held over multiple phases. The seriousness of the issues discussed can also range from deciding your child’s allowance to levying international sanctions. Therefore, it is necessary to customize the concepts of negotiation according to the situation. With the help of numerous examples, exercises, and case studies, the NBOK™ Guide illustrates how the concepts of negotiation can be applied to various situations and scenarios.